DAILY RITUAL is a platform created to support the new generation in modern practices of movement, meditation, self-care and holistic beauty rituals for elevated wellbeing from the perspectives of Yoga and the science of Ayurveda.
DAILY RITUAL was created in 2014 by Los Angeles-based twin sisters, Jasmine Renee & Jolisa Nadine, as a service that grew out of community need.


The informative resources, tools and techniques we share are here to inspire you in your journey toward developing yoga-based mind+body wellness techniques. From the physical practice of yoga + fitness to self-care rituals, we believe in the efficacy of a personal and integrative approach to mindful, high-performance living. We are inspired by ancient practices and informed by modern science. Our content is created to help you rise toward your highest self: clear your mind, nourish your body, enhance your space, protect your energy, improve your clarity and elevate your well-being... Explore all possible paths but remember that the ultimate guru is YOU.


MINDFULNESS + MEDITATION: Take the inner journey. 

AYURVEDA: Holistic MIND/BODY balance for well-being. 

BEAUTY: Indulge in self-adornment.

SELF-CARE: Fill your cup.

EAT WELL: Clean, green, fresh, whole, nutritious nourishment.

PLAYLISTS: Find your rhythm! Yoga, for your aural senses.



You are beautiful.


Joli + Jaz
(creators of Daily Ritual)


Jolisa is an E-200/500 HR/YACEAP registered and certified yoga teacher with degrees in Religions and Traditions of South & Southeast Asia and formal, classical training in Sanskrit language and literature from the University of California, Berkeley.  She currently teaches yoga as a method of healing for survivors of trauma and provides engaging lectures in Sanskrit and yoga philosophy for independent yoga teacher training programs. Daily Ritual is based on her yoga practice and philosophy, merging and integrating Eastern and Western cultures. Jolisa's strong belief is that experience is the evidence.  In this spirit, she strives to bring the philosophy of yoga beyond theory and into every-day practice. Jolisa now curates and leads wellness experiences based around collective meditation and breathwork in the Greater Los Angeles area and beyond. Jolisa is available for private sessions by appointment only. Please email info@dailyritualyoga.com for more information.

Jasmine is a published designer and creative director who has worked for years in the global retail industry where she developed an expertise in branding and a refined style of brand storytelling through a wide spectrum of visual media.

As a director, Jasmine specializes in total brand consulting with an expertise in design and development, specifically catering to start-ups and independent businesses from branding strategy to production & manufacturing, social media visuals to trend development and packaging as well as creating start to finish campaigns, brand extensions and rebranding projects for established companies, nationally and internationally. Jasmine has a talent for curating authentic content and aesthetic experiences and is a go-to expert for putting together dream design teams with the passion and talent for bringing brands to life.

She is passionate about self-care for the modern woman and food as self-nourishment. Jasmine is the creative eye behind Daily Ritual

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Daily Ritual was created to share Ayurvedic practices, self-care and holistic beauty rituals that are easy to incorporate into everyday life.

The information provided herein is for educational purposes and is not intended to prescribe, treat or diagnose, or provide medical advice for any treatment or disease. See a qualified medical doctor for any health problem.