Jolisa, I am very grateful for your time, knowledge and smile into the soul. The undercurrent is strong and vibrant. Cheers to Life and full Prana.”
A remarkable scholar of scholars. Jolisa conveys an amazing breadth and depth of yogic history, Sanskrit, Hindu Mythology, philosophy and practice.
— Namaste Yoga 200 Hour YTT Student
I want to take class from Jolisa everyday! And continue this education and learn everything there is to know about yoga! I am so incredibly impressed and just in awe about how much she knows especially the Sanskrit language. This is why I want to practice yoga— because of the roots, history, philosophy.. all of it! Hopefully I comprehend all of the information. It’s a lot to wrap your head around but I am so grateful that Jolisa was our teacher, our “guru” and guide for teacher training. It is just the beginning and there is so much more to explore and learn about. It is lifelong. And I know what sticks is what will help me in the present or near future and the other concepts or ideas will happen later. “The light bulb will go off” but now I have a good foundation. I love Jolisa and her energy. Her knowledge that she shares is just so powerful as a yoga student. Without this I don’t think I would want to continue… it is making yoga so much more fascinating! Thank you! Thank you so much. Namaste.
Jolisa embodies her craft. 
Part story teller, part historian, part meditation teacher, part yogic practitioner—
her practice is palpable on and off the mat.
She brings an approachable and digestible way of teaching
such a complex topic. I love you Jolisa, Thank you!
— Victoria
Jolisa’s knowledge is endless and I want more of it! Her lectures are informative and engaging and the most distinct feature is that she explains deep and complex concepts in laymen’s terms and in relatable ways. This is and has been vital to my comprehension. She has a kind and caring energy coupled with her powerful knowledge. It is a strong reason to continue training with her. She adds humor to discussions and all in all they always leave me wanting to learn more. She has prompted a curiosity in me. I’m really excited to be learning everything she is teaching. It is a great gift that I will have for my whole life.
— Britni Kern, Writer/Marketing & PR
Jolisa is very knowledgable about Yoga traditions, Sanskrit, mythology and more. Taking her training was life changing and enlightening for me. She is always calm and open to answer any question. She is very personable as well.
— Vivian Zarataro
Jolisa’s teaching gives so much more (deeper, expanded) meaning to all of the practices of yoga. The relevance of the history and symbolism in yoga is much clearer and gave me a good base in order to continue studying. LOVED Indian mythology and how we can relate it to the modern world.
Jolisa’s knowledge and smile and energy are amazing! Thank you for an enlightening and inspiring experience.
— Annie Johnston
Listening to Jolisa and her way of sharing the history and stories and knowledge of yoga was both inspiring and infectious! I could have absorbed for days! My experience of learning with her was such that the complexity and depth that yoga is was offered in a clear fashion, distilled into something simple and easy to understand. I would definitely be interested in learning with her again. Thank you!
— Brook Butler
The stories were well spoken and tied together with the yamas and niyamas that yoga teachers may seek out. The stories helped to look at our own purpose. The study of how we can be released from samsara and find our own truth and reality. The stories were beautiful and made me think about my dharma, my truth.
— Namaste Yoga 200 Hour YTT Student
The teachers are so knowledgeable and approachable with the material. You can feel the passion of each teacher. The dynamic of the individuals whom signed up was in perfect alignment all with different outlooks, diversity, and experience. It was great to be surrounded by all the qualities. I felt that any question or opinion I had was truly heard and that my input was wanted and encouraged.

Jolisa is a wonderful person. She makes tough subjects like Sanskrit yoga history and subtle body tangible. Her pranayama meditation was delectable, like taking a bite of the fruit from the tree of wisdom through the experiential journey with the space she provided. It was a wonderful taste of the sweet nectar that yoga provides. I LOVE her enthusiasm while teaching. It made the time fly by with fun.
— Marybeth Donahoe, Yoga Guide ERYT 200


I feel much more mentally relaxed and ready to keep going… I know I will be making stressful decisions more rationally after this session. I’ll also be incorporating the breathing techniques for my evening rituals.
We did everything from making teas, to learning about massage techniques to yoga. Jolisa transformed the way I think about and feel about self healing. This class is like chicken soup for the soul.
— Leticia
This experience has been so beautiful, centering, and empowering. It was an intentional healing space of mutual support where you don’t need to speak or explain or defend yourself. I think the energy in the room has been unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. The session on safety has been so life changing to hear that I can always turn to my body to tell me how I am feeling or if I am safe. I also loved the self-care and tea making session. Jolisa is amazing and very approachable. I loved her willingness to be so open about her own journey, insight and experiences. I felt safe, more trusting and connected.
— Noori
It was tough at the beginning because I felt exposed in terms of how wounded my relationship to my body is. The self-massage and CBD, mindfulness, teas, yoga poses and collectivism are all things I will take with me. It helped me reconnect to my body and observe what my physical and emotional bodies need. The space was empowering and inspired me to act upon such needs and allow myself to heal. I loved it. It was an incredible healing experience of warmth, comfort, and release.
— Lauren
I loved the guided meditations and self massage. The baselines and journaling were also very helpful for reflecting. Mindfulness and self-care session was my favorite! I would definitely recommend this program. It was really relaxing and a comfortable space to heal and be present. I would LOVE more programs like this.
— Yara
This course was amazing! I appreciated the focus on self-care, growth, and processing. I also really enjoyed the flexibility to move at our own pace and do our own thing. I never felt pressured to conform or blend in.
— Katrina
I feel much more relaxed from the yoga practice. I learned techniques to release tension and feel energized to create a plan for self-care. After the session I feel more physically, mentally, and emotionally in control, in my own power and ready to process.
— Indu
I enjoyed all of the sessions! I feel like each one gave me something new to take with me. The self-care session and the assertiveness session were particularly impactful because there were two things I needed to work on. Yoga as Healing has made me reclaim and understand my body and I feel so much better for it. It was such a good new method of healing as an alternative to talk therapy or other more traditional methods. I’ll be carrying on with this practice.
— Robyn
I was skeptical at first but it has been great for me and helped me understand and name a lot of what I’ve been feeling and experiencing. I found the time after sessions as emotionally intense as after talk therapy sessions. It helped me understand and work on my mind-body disconnect. This has been really great for me.
— Maya


Jolisa’s pace of movement and breathwork helped me release tension and emotional burden that I didn’t even know I was holding. Breaking down self-care practices to the smallest, mindful steps makes yoga so accessible to incorporate in everyday life. The self-massage session with CBD reconnected me to the natural balance my body was seeking and helped me take agency over the patterns I see stored in my body and my life.
Thank you so much for this eye opening retreat. I’ve been struggling with myself, but this weekend retreat really taught me that I CAN stand my ground and take life head-on no matter how I feel about myself. Thank you for being supportive of us as a group but also for being supportive on an individual level. Thank you.
— Karthika
The program was really helpful to me by making me realize that I’m not alone through this experience. It made me realize that I’m normal and that I should carry myself with value. Thank you so much.
— Tiffany


...helps you reconnect with your body and observe your physical and emotional needs in a space that empowers and inspires you to act upon those needs that allow you to heal.”

”Focus on self-care, growth, processing. I really enjoyed the flexibility to move at our own pace and do our own thing. I never felt pressured to conform or been in. Very relaxed.”

”this course was amazing!”

”I loved the guided meditations and self-massage. The written baselines were also very helpful for reflecting. The mindfulness/self-care session was one of my favorites.”

 ”A really relaxing and comfortable space to heal and be present every week.”

”Yoga as Healing has made me reclaim and understand my body and I feel so much better for it.”

”Jolisa transformed the way I think about and feel about self-healing. This class is like chicken soup for the soul!”

”It was literally like that mind blown gesture you make with your hands.. pewwwwwww! Do it!”

”I enjoyed all of the sessions. I feel like each one gave me something new to take with me. The self-care session and the assertiveness session were particularly impactful because they were things I needed to work on... It’s a good new method of healing as an alternative to talk therapy

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