Ethereal instrumentals laid over heavy beats. A playlist for a dramatic yet contemplative practice- created as an inspirational outlet to move through the intensity of vulnerable, bewildering, melodramatic, and heart-centered feelings. Moon in Leo is all about fiery, passionate, emotionally creative expression themed around a showy display of love and longing. We’re talking “close-distance.” Think of that tingly, warm and fuzzy feeling of uninhibited love… but just when things start to heat up, feelings of loss and confusion begin to bubble at the surface sparking inner conflict and self-doubt. Are these feelings real? This initiates a crossfire between the mind and heart. To sit with the overwhelming feeling of discomfort or risk the regret of leaving behind a potentially great love? Ah, but love is never lost.

Featuring groovy beats, lo-fi hip hop and chill jazz vibes by Mtbrd, Funkmammoth, Joey Pecoraro, moow, Vanilla, and MC Yogi arranged to set a mood that is all-at-once dreamy, playful, romantically tender and nostalgic.

~ 1 hr 30 min