that helped me tame
my Transitioning Curly Hair.


Bumble & Bumble

- Hairdresser's Invisible Oil -

Heat and UV protection primer made with coconut oil, argan oil, macadamia nut oil, sweet almond oil, safflower seed oil and grapeseed oil for conditioning, softening and shine. I spray a few pumps into my hand and rake through from mid shaft to ends, distributing evenly all over my hair prior to blow drying or just to protect my hair from the sun. It hydrates and protects my hair from everyday environment stress. I use this every day, applying it ritually after my shower to detangle my hair while preventing frizz and protecting against breakage during styling. It's the perfect leave-in conditioner for air dried hair, prepping before blowing drying and to spritz all over hair focusing on the fragile parts before heading out to the beach. When I use this before blow drying my hair straight, I lightly apply it to my ends and the back of my hair, working it up to my mid shaft. Whatever is left, I tap into my middle-part and wherever else it's needed. I comb through with a wide tooth comb or just rake it in with my hands, then blow dry with a round brush. This oil is my favorite for smoothing and conditioning my hair while protecting it against heat damage caused by the blow dryer or from the California sun's harsh and damaging rays. The best part about the invisible oi primer, is it doesn't weigh down your hair. Instead, it leaves it soft and pretty voluminous. I'm really obsessed, this product has been a savior for me during my transitioning phase.

I first discovered this 8.5 oz bottle at a Sephora in Paris through a recommendation but it's sold everywhere. I just picked up a mini version (2 oz at $12) for traveling! I love that it comes in a travel size so I'll never be without it.

If you can't find this, It's a 10 Miracle-Leave In is very comparable in texture and capability. I used to use this all the time but I prefer my Bumble & Bumble because it leaves less residue and doesn't feel sticky at all.



- R&B Hair Moisturizer -

Hair butter from Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. I would describe this as a dense, rich hair custard that nourishes and conditions curly hair. I apply R&B to my ends and the thirsty strands, as a "spot" treatment on frizzy, SOS sections, wherever I need some extra moisture. When I use this after the shower, it creates more defined, shiny curls. I didn't really like this product on my hair until I learned how to really use it. I have kind of thin hair so s little goes a long way with this product. Use it sparingly, applying to your hands and then distributing through your hair or else it will weigh down your hair and make it appear a bit greasy looking. I also use this as a leave-in conditioner when I wear a protective style (I do Princess Leia buns or braids). It can be used on wet hair to condition and lock in moisture or on dry hair to smooth, style and finish a look (especially useful for ponytails or to smooth down a side part). It's made with organic avocado butter, oatmeal, olive oil, extra virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, cupuaçu butter and candelilla wax, which all serve to soften, condition and moisturize your hair. If you have thick curly hair, you are going to especially love this! It's heavenly but heavily scented with orange blossom & jasmine, so if you're someone who is sensitive to fragrance, this may not be the product for you. 

I picked up the 3.5 oz size at a Lush brick & mortar store but you can buy it online. It retails for $25.95. No need to buy the 7.9 oz (it comes with a $47.95 price tag) unless you're also using this all over your hair as a conditioning mask. It really lasts a long time!

PRO TIP: to make your natural products last a little bit longer, add Vitamin E to extend it's shelf life.


Qhemet Biologics

- Burdock Root Butter Cream -

Especially formulated with olive oil and nettle leaf for fine, thin hair, this cream is my holy grail for my transitioning curly hair. Burdock Root Butter Cream is a water-based, medium weight cream that does not contain harsh ingredients like mineral oil, proteins, silicone, artificial fragrances, dyes or parabens. This product gets a lot more use than the Lush R&B because it's less 'oily' and not as heavy so I can distribute it more liberally. It's my go-to when I air dry my hair and leave it completely natural and curly. This is the product that truly sealed in moisture and really changed my hair- making it shinier, moisturized and more manageable. This cream gave my curls it's spiral shape back so I recommend it for any curly hair girl trying to revive their hair back to life!

How I use it: I apply it on damp, towel-dried hair, from mid-shaft to ends (Tip: dry your hair with a cotton t-shirt to help reduce frizz and dried-out strands). In my palm, I like to mix a dime sized amount of Argan oil to this for some extra hydration and shine, and then rake it through my damp strands. After my hair dries, I am left with softer, more defined curls.

I picked this up online at Sephora after my sister recommended it. It's something she used while transitioning into her natural curls.


- Climate Control Gel -

Often times, when I wear my hair curly and air dry it, it starts out OK looking and then grows puffier and frizzier as the day goes on. To keep my hair from blowing up the way Violet Beauregard expands into a big blueberry in Willy Wonka, I HAVE TO use hair gel. This one is my favorite because it's specifically formulated to work in humid environments and prevent frizz.

This gel keeps my hair in place and managably under control with just the right amount of volume, no matter the weather. It is non-drying, not sticky, doesn't crunch and has a super reliable hold, even in the summer heat. And that's why I dig it.

How I use it: I add a small quarter size amount through my damp hair, style and let it dry naturally. I love using this for a slick back look, to hold a pony tail or to tame a braid, I especially like using this to help put my hair back for a workout.

You can find this in store and online at Ulta and Sephora.


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