Jazzy and I are soo serious about our oral health and hygiene. We know that poor oral hygiene can lead to increase risk of disease later in life so we try not to take any chances when it comes to our preventative health. 


  • Brush your teeth twice daily, morning and night

  • Floss regularly

  • Replace your toothbrush every 3 months

  • Schedule your regular cleaning and check-ups

Quip Toothbrush with Slate Metal aluminum handle

Quip Toothbrush with Slate Metal aluminum handle


The first time we saw the Quip toothbrush, we knew we had to have it. We were initially drawn to the sophisticated, minimalist design. Of course, we are also all about making daily wellness habits as simple and enjoyable as possible. That is how Quip entered our lives.


Quip is an electric toothbrush with a vibrating timer. Quip operates on a 2 min timer that vibrates at 30 second intervals to encourage healthy brushing technique: spend 30 seconds thoroughly brushing the teeth of each quadrant of the mouth (upper left, bottom left, upper right, bottom right).

This brush is a really great option for anyone who likes the feel of a traditional toothbrush but wants simple guidance for better brushing technique. If you're not sure how long to brush for, or if you are cleaning each section equally, the brush is an awesome option. If you forget to replace your toothbrush for months at a time, they offer an automatic refill service that might simplify life for you. 

Overall, we noticed that it brought an increased sense of mindfulness around our oral hygiene ritual. 


The toothbrush itself is really impressive quality. It feels great and looks great. The is sleek with a thin profile. The handle is sturdy, the brush head is flexible and the bristles are soft.  The toothbrush comes with a stand that can also be used as a travel cover. The cover is supposed to be mountable onto a surface but its adhesive wore out very quickly so don't count on this feature. The tongue cleaner on the back of the brush, however, is great for tongue scraping on the go, when we don't have a tongue scraper. It really is an awesome travel tooth brush. This electric toothbrush is powered by a single changeable AAA battery. No cords, plugs, chargers needed.


We loved that it was affordable (compared to Foreo and other options). The plastic handle variation is $25, the metal handle starts at $40 with brush head refills at $5. You can purchase the toothbrush alone, or join their online toothbrush subscription service where you get new brush heads sent to your mailbox every three months. We both signed up for a year of brush head refills with our toothbrush ($55). 


After the first three months, Quip sent an email reminder to let us know that a refill brush head was on the way. Once a shipping address was confirmed, we received the new brush head right away along with a new battery and instructions on how to replace it. It was SOOO easy.

When one of my refills was lost in the mail, they send a replacement right away and offered a credit without hesitation. Cheers to really great customer service.

Our experience using Quip in two words: Simple enjoyment. 

Ready to try Quip? SIGN UP HERE TO GET QUIP and get your first brush head refill for free with our referral :) 

The sleek and compact design is super travel friendly and has become an essential item for maintaining our on-the-go wellness rituals.

The sleek and compact design is super travel friendly and has become an essential item for maintaining our on-the-go wellness rituals.