TRAVEL BEAUTY HAUL: Thai Pharmacy Beauty Essentials




Let me tell you, Thai Pharmacies are amazing! The Thai culture promotes a holistic view of beauty so their pharmacies are packed with tons of herbal beauty and wellness products of all sorts. I was't going to leave Thailand without a few different analgesic oils and balms, which are widely used in Thailand and popular for both Muay Thai martial arts and Thai massage recovery. I also tried out some cult favorite beauty items and could not resist picking up herbal toothpaste and powders. Its not uncommon for Thai drug stores to have aisles of pure coconut oils and face masks from powder, clay, and sheet styles including the famous snail masks (which I did not try)!
You can find the products below at most Thai pharmacies. 


Facy 2in1 Whitening C Cold Scrub Mud Mask:
Made with enriched Seaweed extract & Vitamin C it goes on as a mask, and then is used as a natural exfoliating scrub when washing off to smooth skin texture and tone the skin. The Vitamin C and seaweed extract are used to brighten skin complexion.

Srichand Tanaka Gold Powder Mask:
This mask by a cult beauty brand from Bangkok is great for "combination" or oily or acne-prone skin. You mix the powder with water and apply to the face. Let it settle for 30 minutes and rinse clean. 


Golden Cup Oil:
A blend of Camphor, Menthol, Peppermint Oil used for nasal congestion, headaches, muscular pain and insect bites is used topically or as a nasal inhaler. It's an instant mood booster.

Siang Pure Oil Original Formula:
"Roll and Rub" formula with a ball tip, this oil is a traditional combination of menthol, cinnamon oil and peppermint oil. Its so great for headaches, dizziness, and discomfort... just roll it on your temples and take a deep breath in. It's too easy not to use all of the time.

Siang Pure Yellow Balm Massage Ointment:
A staple in Thailand! Rub this over achy muscles, sprains and bruises for relief of "second day soreness." Amazing for stiff joints.


Viset Niyom Traditional Tooth Powder:
Just mix with water! Used as a paste and to treat sore gums when used in massaging the gums. It is used to brighten teeth and help reduce coffee stains. This herbal tooth powder also doubles as a face mask to clear spots and blemishes. Who doesn't love multi-tasking products?!

Tepthai Concentrated Herbal Toothpaste in Original:
Preservative free, natural, herbal toothpaste in a concentrated formula... so a little goes a long way for bad breath and healthy, bright teeth. Made with a blend of essential oils and aloe vera extract, it feels really good to be clean.

Takabb Throat Relief Anti-cough Herbal Pill:
I ended up getting a bit of a cold and nasal congestion while in Thailand, and picked these herbal cough pills up by a trusted Thai home-remedy brand. I was surprised to see that they are little bronze colored balls that smell VERY herbal. These distinctive looking things help fight cough, refresh the breath and dissolve phlegm. Plus, the packaging is super convenient to travel with.  


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