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LOTUS FEET: 3-Step Foot Care Ritual

 Our feet carry us through this life. They bear our weight and they connect us to our foundation on earth. Many, many beings have walked this earth to experience life's beautiful, raw energy. We are just one precious, singular manifestation among them.

In many eastern traditions, the feet are considered to be both sacred and profane. Guests are offered water to cleanse their feet upon entering the home of their host. Many rituals and prayers around the world commence with the cleansing of the feet. In this spirit, we begin our ritual of cleansing the feet. 

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Natural Healing: 6 Herbal Teas with Major Beauty + Wellness Benefits

Herbal teas and herbal infusions have been consumed for centuries from Egypt to China, and for good reason: Herbal teas have been used not only for their tastes but for their medicinal and healing properties. Herbs and spices have been used as remedies to reduce inflammation, motion sickness and nausea. Their antioxidant benefits help combat the free-radicals that contribute to premature aging. With so many benefits, why not consider adding a tea-time to your daily rituals. Have a cup first thing in the morning or just before breakfast. Exchange coffee for some fragrant rose green tea and relax all of your senses. 
Here are our top tea picks for cleansing, healing, and soothing the mind, body, and spirit. 

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AYURVEDA TOOLBOX: The Art & Science of Abhyanga 〰️ Ayurvedic Self-Massage

Abhyanga massage is a popular Ayurvedic practice often paired with a cleanse, prescribed for the purpose of moving lymphatic fluid. It is the perfect self-care ritual for anointing and nourishing the entire body. Massaging with warm oil stabilizes and relaxes the mind, alleviates parched skin, promotes improved circulation, and maintains the skin’s youthful glow. Meet your new favorite ritual.

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Real Rituals: Mornings with Jolisa

However cliché, every morning is an opportunity for us to embrace a new day and approach it as a clean slate... a blank canvas with which to write our story or paint our life's picture. Early morning rituals are essential to setting the pace for the entire day ahead. Here, Jolisa goes through the rituals of my morning.

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