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TRAVEL BEAUTY REVIEW: French Pharmacy Must Haves

After spending a year in Paris and testing dozens of French skincare products, I've narrowed down my collection to the 'Top 3' things that were totally worth the money spent. These are literally my favorite and will always + forever be on my top-shelf. My luxury staples aren't just pretty packaging; but have become important parts of my self-care routine.

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4 Immunity Boosting Drinks that CLEANSE your system & REBOOT your body!

If you are feel sluggish, out of energy, and your skin is looking dull and dry, your body may be telling you that its time for a system reboot or a cleanse. While we recommended getting rest and drinking lots of water, you may want to kick-start your reboot with these system super boosters to help you alkalize, balance, cleanse and take care of inflammation and toxins.

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