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RECIPE: Make this POMEGRANATE JUICE for Glowing Skin from Within

Pomegranate juice is said to decrease inflammation in the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow and circulate around the body. Pomegranates contain antioxidants (Punicalagin) that lower blood pressure and cholesterol. As we get ready to introduce more summer activities into our rituals, I've created what I think is a perfect pomegranate-based juice that will help get you pumped and primed for the transition into summer. Ginger is amazing to incorporate as it energizes the body while calming disturbed digestion. Silica rich cucumber is added to help clear the complexion. It's never too early to get a summer glow started. Learn how to make this delicious Skin Tonic.

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YOGA BASICS: Surya Namaskara (Sun Salutations)

One of the most important components of a physical yoga practice is Sūrya Namaskāra, more commonly known as the Sun Salutation. Surya Namaskara is a series of 12 unique postures strung together for the purpose of stretching and warming up the entire body before beginning an āsana practice. Together these 12 postures, aligned and in harmony with the breath, create a dynamic and energizing flow.

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