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RECIPE: Make this POMEGRANATE JUICE for Glowing Skin from Within

Pomegranate juice is said to decrease inflammation in the blood vessels, allowing blood to flow and circulate around the body. Pomegranates contain antioxidants (Punicalagin) that lower blood pressure and cholesterol. As we get ready to introduce more summer activities into our rituals, I've created what I think is a perfect pomegranate-based juice that will help get you pumped and primed for the transition into summer. Ginger is amazing to incorporate as it energizes the body while calming disturbed digestion. Silica rich cucumber is added to help clear the complexion. It's never too early to get a summer glow started. Learn how to make this delicious Skin Tonic.

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4 Immunity Boosting Drinks that CLEANSE your system & REBOOT your body!

If you are feel sluggish, out of energy, and your skin is looking dull and dry, your body may be telling you that its time for a system reboot or a cleanse. While we recommended getting rest and drinking lots of water, you may want to kick-start your reboot with these system super boosters to help you alkalize, balance, cleanse and take care of inflammation and toxins.

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SUPERFOOD SMOOTHIE: Spirulina & Chlorella for Immune Support & Detoxification

Spiru-lina. It sounds super fancy and seems too foreign to be able to pronounce. Intimidating, right? (At first.) Complicated? Not so much. SPIRULINA is a nutrient-rich blue-green algae packed with antioxidants (carotenoids), chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals, iron and 8 essential amino acids and protein. This "superfood" acts as a natural detox, eliminating toxins while alkalizing the body. Its a supermodel secret to healthy, radiant, glowing skin and bright, vibrant eyes.

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Natural Healing: 6 Herbal Teas with Major Beauty + Wellness Benefits

Herbal teas and herbal infusions have been consumed for centuries from Egypt to China, and for good reason: Herbal teas have been used not only for their tastes but for their medicinal and healing properties. Herbs and spices have been used as remedies to reduce inflammation, motion sickness and nausea. Their antioxidant benefits help combat the free-radicals that contribute to premature aging. With so many benefits, why not consider adding a tea-time to your daily rituals. Have a cup first thing in the morning or just before breakfast. Exchange coffee for some fragrant rose green tea and relax all of your senses. 
Here are our top tea picks for cleansing, healing, and soothing the mind, body, and spirit. 

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