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#YOGAOFLIVING | How Yoga helped me as an Occupational Therapist

 It can be said that the negative energy that whirls around us in the world is an outward manifestation of the whirlwind of energy going on within ourselves. This can manifest outwardly through our words, deeds and thoughts, pervading our body, mind and soul. Occupational Therapist and yogini, Theresa Wagner talks the art of maintaining a safe, nourishing environment and making the commitment to safeguarding that environment for oneself and others through the practice of ahimsā, or non-harming.

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Ahimsa: The Yoga of Non-violence

The greatest writings we have on yoga are linked by a shared belief in non-violence. If you have been connected with the practice of yoga for some time,  you have likely come across the practice of non-violence (sanskrit: ahimsā).  Our greatest modern yogis, Gandhi among them, based their life's meaning on this principle, which is often said to be the essence of yoga. How do we bring this principle into our practice and our lives?

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