Re-Awaken: Spring Beauty Rituals for Self-Care


Alas, spring is upon us! Just when we thought we'd never thaw from the winter cold that chilled our bones! Spring is all about sloughing away what no longer serves us, literally, through exfoliating away dead skin cells of the last season, but also figuratively, leaving behind self defeating ideas of ourselves and distorted ideas of others. Spring is not about competition or comparison as we sculpt our summer beach bodies. It's about committing to the small, daily action of watering our own seeds so that we may bloom fully in our own beautiful uniqueness, with six-pack abs or not

Spring Rituals for Self-Care

Renewal from the outside, in.


Try adding a few of these rituals into your routine to bring a little extra nourishment to your day. 




  • Exfoliate the facial skin with a gentle scrub, facial brush, or exfoliating mitt to loosen dull, flaking skin and restore your inherent brightness.
  • Spritz rose water onto face throughout the day to hydrate dry or irritated skin.


  • Release any tension with an Ayurvedic scalp massage known as shiro-abhyanga. Massage a mix of jojoba oil + tea tree oil into the scalp to soothe sensitive or itchy scalp. 
  • Nourish strands with a leave-in conditioner (you can also use avocado, coconut milk, or coconut oil!) Cover with a shower cap and leave on for several minutes or overnight depending on the health of your hair. 


{ BODY }  


If you've neglected your body a little bit this winter, its ok! Our bodies are super resilient. It is never to late to get back to our nature and MOVE our bodies and increase our circulation. You've been hibernating all winter. Since daylight hours are longer, it's time to take your workouts into the open air to boost your immune system and increase your intake of vitamin D. Wasn't it Hippocrates who said "Nature is the physician of diseases"? ;) 

  • WARM-UP: Jog outside for 10-15 minutes, do several rounds of jumping jacks, or jump rope.
  • WORK OUT:  Find a yoga class, cycle outside, sprint hills, do several sun salutations or move through a few rounds of functional exercises like squats, burpees, push-ups, mountain climbers, leg lifts, etc. Raise your heart-rate and move the entire body: the upper body, core, legs, and gluteal muscles. 
  • COOL-DOWN:  Take several rounds of walking lunges or simply walk with your hands above your head until your respiratory rate is back to base-line.  Keep the chest open and the head elevated until you fully cool down.
  • STRETCH:  Stretch all the major muscle groups, concentrating on stretching the muscles use your workout. Breathing practices called pranayama are a great way to stretch the muscles in-between each rib (intercostal). Stretch front, back, and side-to-side. Incorporate rotational movements such as hip circles, ankle rolls, and neck rolls to release any accumulated tension from strength training exercises.

Start slow and move at your own pace. With consistent practice, you will improve over time. Make sure to warm-up, cool-down and stretch. Drink plenty of fluids to help your body recover.  



  • Add a dry brushing ritual to your self-care line-up. Indulge in this practice just before you bathe. Dry brush the entire body to help remove dead skin cells from the surface layer of the skin and increase circulation. 
  • If your skin has suffered from dehydration during the winter months, skip the dry brushing and instead opt for a nourishing abhyanga ritual. Abhyanga is done by massaging the entire body with warm oil. 


  • Soften rough feet and hands by soaking with epsom salts. Use a pumice stone to exfoliate away particularly rough spots.
  • Apply a generous amount of cream to hands and feet to restore cracked skin and cuticles. Take plenty of time to massage the cream into the skin until it is absorbed. 
  • Coconut oil is another great option for moisturizing the feet. Cover with socks and leave the oil on to penetrate the skin overnight for a more intensive treatment. 

There you have it! Add in one, two, or all of these SPRING beauty rituals and witness your reawakening into the season.