SKIN BASICS: Simple 3-STEP SKIN-CARE regime for Frustrated Skin


I. First... Real beautiful, radiant skin comes from the inside

not from a miracle product. What you eat, how much you exercise, how much water you drink, what you think, how you really feel…all play a role in your skin’s beauty!  Skin is the body’s largest organ, so it’s no mystery that when we’re not making healthy everyday life choices, it eventually becomes obvious from the outside.

2. Trying new products can either be exciting or overwhelming depending on how we feel about our skin.

Whether you find experimenting with skin care products fun or frustrating, for a product to work and be effective, you must commit to a regimen long enough for results to become apparent. If you want to know if a product truly works for you, you have to give it time... and as we know, staying consistent over a period of time takes commitment! 

~ To commit to a sustainable skin-care ritual, you must keep it simple, make it personal and be consistent. ~


SO many options! SO many products!

Where to start in the quest for the product that delivers on its promise of beautiful, radiant skin?!

Try slowly eliminating everything from your skin care routine, and start with finding your core products to make up a super simple skin care ritual. Find a cleanser, a moisturizer, and an SPF that works well with your skin and products that work well with each other. 

3-Step Skin Care:

All you need is a basic regimen with 3 steps:

  1. CLEANSE using soft circular motions, using clean hands, a cloth, or brush.

  2. MOISTURIZE by patting lightly over delicate areas and rubbing lightly until absorbed.

  3. PROTECT make sure to apply SPF 30+ to all exposed areas and to reapply every 2 hours.
    ... everything else is extra.


+ If you wear makeup, add a make-up remover before you cleanse.
+ If your skin gets particularly oily, follow your cleanse with a toner, just before you moisturize. 
+  Use products with safe, pure, high quality ingredients. Note that expensive does not always mean effective!
+  You can also consider adding a treatment to target a specific skin condition or to prevent further damage. Try a sheet or clay mask or a vitamin C serum. 
+  Add in one new product at a time. Give your skin a few weeks (2-4) to adjust before making additional changes to make sure the product is right for you!
+ Adjust your skin care routine with the seasons as the skin changes with the climate.


If you are having trouble finding products that work for you or want to address specific skin concerns, work with a trusted dermatologist or skin-care specialist to help you achieve your skin-health goals.



Lifestyle choices have the power to affect our state of health and beauty on subtle, but significant levels. Have you ever considered the foods you eat to be "skin-care" products? Well, we believe so. Our diet is a main contributor to our health, including skin health! A major key to achieving a vibrant, natural glow and maintaining your youthful skin is committing to following a skin-saving healthy, wholesome diet. In addition to diet, making time to move every day helps support your skin health. Not only does being mobile improve muscle tone and strengthen our bones, movement also helps improve circulation of key fluids. The constant circulation of lymph and blood through the body and the bringing in fresh oxygen help to keep skin clear and radiant, naturally.

You can also try to make your own DIY skin care products like scrubs and masks.

You can also try to make your own DIY skin care products like scrubs and masks.


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