Natural Deodorant that Actually Works? (Really, Truly.)





Looking for some natural deodorant that doesn't stink? No Sweat- we got you. I remember watching a 'Chapter' of Stranger Things where Chief Hopper reminds Eleven that it's not OK to have dessert before eating dinner. The scene progresses to them removing the cover of their square plate to reveal a quick and easy Microwave TV dinner. I was thinking about how cool the microwave was 'back then.' Advertisers were promoting it's speed and convenience. Now, there's discussion on the possible risks and scary negative side-effects of repeated microwave use. This is in the same vein that we are discovering about most supermarket deodorants, especially when it comes to women's health (read more about that here.) These deodorants contain parabens or aluminum, which are known to be toxic in large dose. Even though these are in small trace amounts- If you could find a deodorant without these harmful chemicals in any capacity, why wouldn't you use it, instead?

I knew that if there was a natural deodorant that actually worked and smelled great, I would make the switch to prevent anything bad from happening to me at all. One day, I would throw away my trusty Dove, exclaim "This is the last time!" walk away from it's cucumber melon scent and commit to trying products with ingredients that are healthier and more beneficial in the long term.

In a previous post, Lisa mentioned how she was in the process of testing out a natural deodorant. She was the first to make the switch to natural deodorant while I remained hesitant AF for way too long. I just didn't believe an all-natural deodorant could keep my under arms sweat-free and smellin' sweet. "um, OK." I would say in my head as I shrugged it off time and time again. Well, guess who tried natural deodorant and is never going back to any more cancer causing porqueria? The answer is me. Below are the deodorants that I've tried (Lisa, too). AND YOU GUYS! Even though I didn't love them all, these actually work.




1. Schmidt's Cedarwood + Juniper. 

This one is my fav. It's a winner for me because it's easy to apply and perfect for the gym. This scent masks anything that might be offensive. It smells woodsy and deep, musky- but not overly so. It's reminiscent of wearing your boyfriend's favorite sweatshirt that still has his scent lingering on it. The texture is creamy and thick but softens up and melts upon contact with your body heat so a little goes a long way. I prefer this stick formula over the jar because it's ease of use and travel convenience. This happens to be my favorite scent Schmidt's offers but they are all pretty good.

* Update March 9, 2018: This deodorant stains white t-shirts if you've been sweating in it. It can also transfer from under your arms to the inside of your t-shirt and leave a residue.


2. Eau Des Minimes. Le Couvent des Minimes Everyday Deodorant.

Made with Alum Stone, this deodorant hydrates, refreshes and purifies as it neutralizes any unpleasant body odor. I love how it cools on contact. The rosemary extracts soothe freshly shaved skin to reduce redness and irritation. Orange oil and lemon peel oil improves the tone and texture of your underarm area for a smooth feel and renewed appearance. I really love this roll-on deodorant and find it nourishing and refreshing for my sensitive skin.


3. Schmidt's Lavender + Sage.

The scent is lovely but deodorant application shouldn't be this extra. Get the stick version instead. The jar packaging makes applying this deodorant extremely annoying. To apply, you use the plastic, mini-spatula included to scoop the paste. Rub the crumbly mess between your hands to warm and soften before finally applying it under your arms. This messy process makes it undesirable to reach for it when I need to re-apply. The compact glass jar makes it great for your purse, though. I picked this up at Whole Foods. It works, but don't bother! It's so inconvenient, the idea of it is better than reality.

P.S. I noticed that if I apply this right after I shave, this stings my underarms- they were straight flames for 1 hour or so after application. This doesn't happen with the Cedarwood scent so it could be the sage essential oils. I'm not sure.


4. Sanoflore Nuage de fraicheur.

I picked this up in France and haven't found it in the US. It's definitely worth re-buying for how amazing the smell is. It's literally a joy to put under your arms. It claims to be effective for 24 hours. I didn't find this to be exactly true but it helped neutralize odors and smells so good! It's olfactory heaven. I love the soft, sweet, feminine scent that reminds me of cotton. Meanwhile, it definitely needs re-application throughout the day. Also note, it's not an antiperspirant so it won't stop you from producing natural sweat. It uses cloves and lemon essential oils that are great for their antibacterial properties that combat the bacteria that produce unwanted odors. Volcanic mineral, Perlite limits the amount of wetness produced without disrupting the body's natural release of toxins. I really love this deodorant. When I go back to Paris, I will definitely be picking up a 2-Pack from the City Pharma.


Have you found a natural deodorant that WORKS? Share it with us in the comments below.


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