WHAT'S SO GREAT ABOUT KOMBUCHA? + Health-ade Taste Test.


WTF IS KOMBUCHA? I remember my first time trying it- the cap sprung open with the same energy of a soft drink. It hissed. Bubbles were released. I thought, "Umm, this is some serious stuff." It was like apple cider vinegar- ancient smelling, bitter, off-putting. I thought, "this must be illegal in nine countries!" It's true- the taste was clearly acquired for me. I tried a different flavor... a different brand... time carried on. Years later, I once again tried and surprisingly genuinely enjoy Kombucha. Kombucha went from 'absolutely abominable' to 'refreshing and delicious.'

It's what inspired me to write this post. [continue.]

/ You're probably thinking... /

"lolokcool."  And we all know what 'k' means. But what is Kombucha? Kombucha is a fermented green and/or black tea that contains good for you bacteria + probiotics that help promote a healthy & balanced gut flora.


What are the benefits of drinking Kombucha?
Kombucha is consumed for it's cleansing properties. Made with either black, green tea, or both, it contains antioxidants that combat free-radicals in the bloodstream. The healthy bacteria, along with digestive enzymes, aid us in digestion and help detoxify the body.

Some more benefits:
Kombucha's ability to naturally increase energy and improve joint health make it perfect for anyone who lives an active lifestyles. Trade-in your refined sugary pre-workout drinks for this. Are you seriously drinking Gatorade? Don't get left back in the 90's.

I ALWAYS GRAB HEALTH-ADE's KOMBUCHA because it's natural, organic, raw and non gmo. if you're gluten-free and/or vegan, good news: so is this. It's also small batch made with zero preservatives, dyes or artificial flavors. awesome, we're here for it.


This is in between a taste test, reaction and a review. I've already tasted the Original but the Maca-Berry flavor is completely new to me. I could really taste the berry notes and I liked that it wasn't overly acidic in my throat. I drank the whole bottle of this one while thinking of the added benefits superfood, Maca gives it.

I was drawn to try the Maca-Berry because the label says it contains maca root.  I was introduced to it while discovering natural ways I could help reduce hormonal acne breakouts. Maca is suggested for it's abilities to balance out hormones that cause acne on the chin and along the jawline.

Yes, there's maca in here but is it enough to reap the benefits? It's listed as the last ingredient, so I'm not sure. The daily suggested serving size of maca powder is 1 tsp. If there is less than that amount, the maca health benefit is insignificant and more of just a way for the company to add another SKU and diversifying their offering on the shelf. But isn't a little bit of a good thing better than nothing at all? Definitely. For me, what I initially thought of as a 'carbonated concoction,' is a healthy soda alternative. I would prefer to drink this over having something that isn't providing me with any positive benefit (hi, dark colas, talking about you). Does it tastes exactly like soda? No, but it's a natural beverage option to have when you miss those dancing bubbles. As far as taste goes, I would say that the Maca-Berry Super Tea had a funky aftertaste to it. Although it uses natural flavoring, it contains cane sugar so consider your diet restrictions and how sugar affects your personal health before binge drinking kombucha after hearing about all the health benefits.

The taste of The Original HEALTH-ADE Kombucha tea is more mellow and not overly pungent like some Kombucha teas can be. Overall, it's something more natural than Sprite and more interesting than sparkling water (although, I do love sparking water). If you're quiting drinking, it's actually a good alternative to beer (btw, some kombuchas contain a small amount of alcohol so you might be ID'd to buy some).

So, which flavor won the Kombucha 'taste-test' challenge?

I prefer the taste of the Original. I found the flavor to be smoother without the lingering aftertaste that the Maca-Berry Super Tea gave. They are both good but can you ever go wrong with a classic?

Each bottle contains 2 servings of 8 fl oz and less than 40 calories per serving.


Do you like Kombucha? Which ones are your favorites? Leave a comment below and let us know your thoughts on the bubbly probiotic drink.