yoga as healing



An opening meditation is offered to ground frenetic energy and set the practice with intention. A series of regulation and relaxation techniques are taught as first line of defense against the ego's reactive nature. Concentration exercises build the awareness needed to clear, direct and channel vital life-force toward your soul’s vision.

Sequences of movement are explored to connect body with breath and clear the mind of judgement, criticism, and other forms of self-created suffering. Extensive breathwork is emphasized to harmonize the cardiovascular, respiratory, hormonal and nervous systems of the body, which become disrupted after trauma and chronic stress. Yoga Nidra (deep yogic rest) induces a receptive state where the body’s innate intelligence can initiate self-healing and restoration. Guided visualization offers a frame to explore human potential against the field of creative consciousness. Mantra, mudra, and closing meditation are offered to upgrade all systems. Connect directly with source and leave the burden of past pain behind.

Every session will be led by Jolisa Nadine, an experienced trauma-aware yoga teacher best known for piloting and facilitating evidence-based yoga healing programs for survivors of sexual-related trauma on University of California campuses since 2017.

/ Initial consultation and intake required. (8) consecutive weekly sessions are recommended. /

Jolisa’s pace of movement and breathwork helped me release tension and emotional burden that I didn’t even know I was holding. Breaking down self-care practices to the smallest, mindful steps makes yoga so accessible to incorporate in everyday life. The self-massage session with CBD reconnected me to the natural balance my body was seeking and helped me take agency over the patterns I see stored in my body and my life.
— Melorie


Jolisa is available for private and group classes in meditation, personal development, yogic practices and philosophies.
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