DAILY RITUAL offers four distinct CBD-ENHANCED YOGA experiences. Each class thoughtfully brings together the transformative power of CBD + Yoga to holistically promote overall health and wellbeing. Jolisa will guide you through a cannabidiol (CBD) enhanced yoga experience to connect you more deeply and holistically with your mind, body, and intuition. Both Yoga and CBD cannabinoids naturally stimulate one of the body's major central regulatory system known as the endocannabinoid system (ECS) via μ-opioid receptors. The ECS is a neuromodulatory system that enhances the mind-body connection by regulating the immune, nervous, and digestive systems that are often overtaxed and out of balance in anyone living a fast-paced, modern lifestyle.

 Studies have shown that yoga practice lowers cortisol levels (stress hormone levels) while CBD interacts directly with powerful serotonin (5HT1A) and dopamine receptors in the nervous system to regulate things like mood, social behavior, digestion, sleep, memory, and pleasure. CBD enhances the soothing, restorative and mood balancing effects of yoga and mindfulness practices facilitating a return of the mind-body and spirit back to a state of homeostasis from states of nervous hyperarousal.

Drain out the sludge and recharge your batteries.  Each and every experience is semi-private and intentionally created to help you connect more deeply with breath + body in the here and now.



Unwind - Soul Revival - Drishti - Down 2 Earth





UNWIND is a practice that clears mind-body tension to make space for what matters. Experience ease and fluidity with Yoga and Guided Bodywork techniques used to target specific areas of muscular tension of the neck, back, legs, and feet using therapeutic menthol + CBD-infused topical salves to relieve fatigued and overstrained muscles.  You will learn simple yet empowering techniques to speed up recovery, restore mobility, improve posture, address pain and trauma in the body tissues by anointing and working acupressure points (Ayurvedic marmas) along common lines of tension.

STYLE: Integrative Yin + Restorative

Jolisa transformed the way I think about and feel about self-healing.
It really helped me with my chronic back and shoulder pain... 10/10 would recommend.




SOUL REVIVAL is an experience that facilitates a full mind-body-spirit reboot through mindful movement. This class is designed to clear somatic and energetic blocks and stimulate neural pathways for healing and transformation. Liberate your soul with an energetic vinyasa flow to challenge your endurance and boost overall physical fitness. Expect a physical and emotional journey enhanced by breathwork and visualization practices to foster a sense of ease and flow in the midst of challenging moments.  The experience will culminate in calming acupressure therapy with Soul Revival CBD balm and guided deep relaxation techniques to holistically rejuvenate the mind, body, and spirit.

Expect to flow to a mix of tropical house, bhakti beats, lo-fi hip hop, reggae and instrumentals.

STYLE: Deep Flow 

I loved the guided meditations and self massage

"truly inspirational"




DRISHTI: DREAMS & VISIONS is all about opening the doors to your 3rd eye and entering the temple of your intuition. You will be led through a focused visualization technique known as “ekagraha-drishti” or “the one-pointed vision.” Drishti sublingual CBD is used to enhance alertness and stimulate hippocampal neurogenesis. We will begin by tapping into the healing energy of meditation in motion to find relaxation while in flow and encourage whole-body awareness. We will settle into our imagination using mudra (energetic configurations) and explore guided visualization of the subtle body before surrendering into observation as the internal witness. Each session ends with “yoga nidra" or “yogic sleep” where we will bathe in the infinite ocean of consciousness and watch the kaleidoscopic landscape of our dreams and visions. Experience mental concentration and profound clarity. Get your yoga high through the third eye.

STYLE:  Cerebral Meditation


I enjoyed all of the sessions. I feel like each one gave me something new to take with me.



DOWN TO EARTH is a grounding experience for the depleted, anxious, overwhelmed, and overworked. Yogic practices are used to enhance the anxiolytic (anti-anxiety) properties of Down to Earth sublingual CBD. We begin with aromatherapy and a guided 5-Elements meditation where we will imagine our thoughts as waves of consciousness that move in the mind and affect the physiology. Breathwork is used to fire up and clear stagnant energy to allow the body to move freely though a gentle flow. Breath and movement allow prana to flood the body with fresh, pulsating energy. We will focus on moving toward liberating the body from tension and opening the body into space. The experience ends with a deep relaxation meditation with crystals placed along energetic chakra and marma points to fortify any points of vulnerability and settle the nervous system.

STYLE:  Grounding Slow Flow & Meditation

"For the first time,
meditation finally clicked."

It was literally like that mind blown gesture you make with your hands... pewwwwwww! Do it!

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